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Engage your student in an activity that combines critical thinking, education and fun


These Quests are designed to engage the mind and expand social skills beyond basic texting while keeping the all-important cell phone central to the challenge. Students learn about the city, its landmarks and the culture that exists right in their own backyard while having a fun in a unique way.


Welcome to Balboa Park, a unique urban center bursting with impressive museums, themed gardens, Spanish-Renaissance architecture, and a world-famous zoo.

Your Balboa Park amazing scavenger hunt adventure begins at the Veterans Museum and leads you on a cultural journey of discovery as you visit iconic art, impressive architecture, historic theaters, and hidden gardens, along pathways and walkways flanked by the ever-changing beauty of Mother Nature herself.

So pull yourself away from the beach, change your flip flops for some walking shoes, and discover one of the best things to do in San Diego as you…play the game, see the sights and experience Balboa Park in a whole new way.


Quest Highlights

Start: Veterans Museum

End: International Houses


Distance: 2.2 miles

Time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Challenges: 15

Bonuses: 4

Additional Cost: None


Points of Interest

Centro de la Raza
Natural History Museum
Spanish Village
SD Art Museum
The Old Globe Theater
Spreckels Organ
International Cottages



What to Expect:

  • Smart phone clues lead you and your team of 2-5 people on an engaging walking tour of the city. 
  • Solve clues, complete challenges, and work together to unravel the secrets the city.
  • Optional hints make sure that everyone in your team can find a location or solve a challenge to move forward
  • Receive points for correct answers. Compare your score with others, or form multiple teams to compete with friends.
  • See famous sights and hidden gems of the city while learning interesting facts and discovering unique history.

Age Requirements: There is no specific age requirement and in fact, the Quest appeals to a wide range of ages. When determining whether the Quest would be appropriate for a specific age or person, consider that the Quest is generally a walking tour that can range between 2-3 miles and take 2-4 hours depending on your pace of play.


Incuded: Educational resources, interactive project ideas, trip organization and engaging pre and post educational visit activities.

Urban Adventure Quest Scavenger Hunt: Balboa Park

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