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Step into a captivating educational experience at the Cow Palace Exhibition Halls and gain a deeper understanding of the Victorian era's cultural, social, and historical aspects.

  • Journey back in time to Victorian London's winding lanes filled with music halls, theaters, dance parties, and charming shops.
  • Explore handcrafted holiday treasures and gain insights into Victorian craftsmanship and commerce.
  • Immerse your senses in the enticing aromas of roasted chestnuts and hearty foods, offering a taste of Victorian culinary traditions.
  • Encounter a diverse cast of characters, from Charles Dickens' imagination to historical figures and the world of the Victorian stage.

This immersive journey promises to be both enlightening and entertaining, offering a living classroom experience in the heart of Victorian London.


Experience continuous performances across multiple stages and throughout the vibrant streets, featuring a delightful array of characters plucked from the pages of Dickens' London. Immerse yourself in holiday merriment with spirited games and festive dances within Fezziwig's Warehouse. Follow the captivating escapades of beloved figures like London's chimney sweeps, Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and a lively ensemble of other vivid personalities.


Specially Designed for Children:
Indulge in the enchanting world of Punch and Judy puppet shows, Victorian fairies, and the beloved Father Christmas. Engage in interactive theatrical performances, partake in games and dive into hands-on holiday activities. Unleash your creativity with Victorian arts and crafts.


Educator Package: Includes educational resources, interactive project ideas, trip organization, direct experiential opportunities to help better connect the experience with your students and complimentary chaperone ticket. Does not include student ticket.


Student Package: Includes engaging pre and post educational visit activities, trip organization and student ticket.

Dickens Christmas Fair

PriceFrom $39.00
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