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About Crest Theatre

The Crest Theatre, located in Sacramento, is a historic and iconic venue that offers a rich blend of entertainment, culture, and history. Known for its stunning Art Deco architecture and vibrant programming, the theater provides a unique and memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Historical Overview

  • Foundation: Originally opened in 1912 as the Empress Theatre, it was later renamed the Hippodrome before becoming the Crest Theatre in 1949 after a major renovation. The Crest has served as a premier entertainment venue for over a century.

Key Features and Attractions

  • Art Deco Architecture: The Crest Theatre is renowned for its beautifully preserved Art Deco design, featuring ornate interiors, a grand marquee, and intricate detailing. The theater's architecture provides a stunning backdrop for any event and is a testament to its historical significance.
  • Historic Significance: As one of Sacramento’s oldest theaters, the Crest Theatre has a rich history and has played a significant role in the city’s cultural landscape. It has hosted numerous notable performers and events over the decades.

Interactive Learning

  • Educational Programs: The Crest Theatre occasionally offers educational programs and workshops, particularly in the areas of film and performing arts. These programs aim to inspire and educate the next generation of artists and performers.
  • Film Screenings: The theater frequently screens a mix of classic films, independent movies, and contemporary blockbusters, providing a diverse cinematic experience. Special screenings often include discussions and Q&A sessions with filmmakers.
  • Live Performances: In addition to film screenings, the Crest Theatre hosts live performances, including music concerts, theater productions, and comedy shows. These events bring a dynamic range of cultural experiences to the community.

Visiting Tips for Families

  • Plan Ahead: Check the Crest Theatre’s website for current showtimes, upcoming events, and ticket information. 
  • Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable clothing suitable for sitting through a film or performance. The theater's air conditioning ensures a pleasant experience regardless of the weather outside.
  • Arrive Early: Arriving early allows time to appreciate the theater’s beautiful architecture, take photos, and find the best seats. The lobby often features historical displays and memorabilia related to the theater’s storied past.
  • Engage with Events: Take advantage of special events such as film festivals, themed screenings, and live performances. These events often provide unique opportunities for interactive experiences and cultural enrichment.
  • Local Dining: Consider exploring the local dining options around the theater before or after your visit. The area offers a variety of restaurants and cafes that can enhance your overall experience.


By visiting the Crest Theatre, families can enjoy a rich cultural and historical experience, exploring a wide range of entertainment options in a stunning Art Deco setting. The theater provides a unique blend of cinematic and live performances, making it a cherished cultural landmark in Sacramento. Whether attending a film screening, a concert, or a special event, the Crest Theatre offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.


For a custom package, please email us at prior to placing your order so we can better accommodate your experience.


Educator Package: Includes educational resources, interactive project ideas, trip organization, direct experiential opportunities to help better connect the experience with your students and complimentary chaperone ticket. Does not include student ticket.


Student Package: Includes engaging pre and post educational visit activities, trip organization and student ticket.


Tickets are for "best available" seats. If you have a specific request for seating, please include that in your order form. Educator and Student Packages reflect the venue's varying price fluctuations along with the venue's booking fees per ticket.

Crest Theatre

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  • Once you submit an order for tickets with your charter school, they will reach out to us with your request. You will be receiving your e-tickets and educational materials in an email within 1-2 days after we receive that request. Please make sure to check your email spam folder if you don't see your tickets in your inbox by that time. Submitting your order at least 7-14 days prior to your trip date is generally best unless you are trying to book a venue that requires more advanced planning. 

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