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Text taken from California Museum's Spring/Summer 2023 Visitor Guide.


"Official home of the California dream and the California Hall of Fame, the California Museum is a non-profit 501(c)3 institution educating visitors about California’s rich history, its diversity and its unique influence on the world of ideas, innovation, art and culture. Through interactive experiences, the Museum inspires visitors to make a mark on history."




California Hall of Fame

Display highlighting the 15th Class of the California Hall of Fame.


California Indians: The First People

Featuring artifacts, oral histories & more, this exhibit  chronicles the stories and cultural legacies of over 150 tribes from across the state and was developed under a Native advisory council.


California Missions: A Journey Along the El Camino Real

Aligned with State Content Standards for 4th grade history-social science, this exhibit includes rare artifacts from missions across the state, a cape from the Portola expedition, El Camino Real bell & more.


Constitution Wall

Sacramento’s largest public sculpture, Constitution Wall is a six-story work of art featuring words taken from the state’s constitution chosen to inspire reflection on the rights guaranteed to all Californians.


Health Happens Here

An interactive journey through all the ways health happens in California, this exhibit explores key factors affecting health beyond traditional diet & exercise through a series of high-tech games.


Gold Mountain: Chinese Californian Stories

Discover the history and contributions of Chinese Americans to California from the Gold Rush to the present through personal stories of ingenuity and perseverance.


Unity Center at California Museum

The Museum’s signature installation celebrating California’s diverse people, customs and cultures and leaders in civil rights history through interactive exhibits inspiring visitors to stand up to hate, bigotry and intolerance as Unity Activists.


Uprooted: An American Story

This exhibit surveying the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII, as well as their successful fight for redress.


Women Inspire: California Women Changing Our World

Charting women's struggle for equality from the 1700s to today through the stories of inspiring individuals, this all-new signature exhibit was developed in collaboration with First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom."


Educator Package: Includes educational resources, interactive project ideas, trip organization, direct experiential opportunities to help better connect the experience with your students and complimentary chaperone ticket. Does not include student ticket.


Student Package: Includes engaging pre and post visit educational activities, trip organization and $8 student entry.

California Museum

PriceFrom $18.00
  • Once you submit an order for tickets with your charter school, they will reach out to us with your request. You will be receiving your e-tickets and educational materials in an email within 1-2 days after we receive that request. Please make sure to check your email spam folder if you don't see your tickets in your inbox by that time. Submitting your order at least 7-14 days prior to your trip date is generally best unless you are trying to book a venue that requires more advanced planning. 

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