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Battleship USS Iowa served our country proudly in WWII, Korea, and the Cold War. Today, the historic U.S. Navy ship is an iconic Los Angeles landmark and considered one of the region’s best outdoor museums for families and visitors of all ages. During your visit and tour, you will follow in the footsteps of sailors and the mischievous mascot Vicky the Dog and experience first hand why she is know as the “Battleship of Presidents”, “The Grey Ghost”, and “The Big Stick”. The self-guided tour includes free use of the Battleship IOWA mobile app and the Vicky the Dog scavenger hunt. This self-guided tour includes both interior and exterior access for up to seven decks along a one directional tour route. This tour allows guests interior access to the Officers Wardroom, Senior Officers cabins, Admirals Bridge, Navigation Bridge and Crews Quarters daily. Weekend access also includes the Main Galley, Crew's Mess Hall and the Museum on the second deck. Plan on spending around 2 hours to view all exhibit spaces along the tour path. Transition between decks is by ladders (naval jargon for stairs). There are no elevators or lifts available at this time.


After purchasing your general admission ticket (which includes a self guided tour), there are several add on guided tours to choose from. You must have a general admission ticket to participate in any of the "add on" tours. Children under 18 need a gaurdian that can accompany them on the tours.


Add Ons:


President’s Tour

Step into the world famous USS Iowa Captain’s Cabin and hear the stories about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s historic trip across the Atlantic on board the IOWA in 1943. This top secret mission was set-up to transport FDR across the Atlantic to meet with Churchill and Stalin at the Tehran Conference. This fully guided 45 minute experience will delve into FDR’s mission, and will tell the stories of his most trusted advisers and military leaders that accompanied him on that trip. You will hear about a close call involving another escort ship providing protection duties for the IOWA that could have changed the course of WWII. We will describe the modifications to the IOWA that were necessary for FDR’s comfort and mobility while he was on board and actually see the bathtub built for the President that still remains to this day as a visual reminder of his time on board The Battleship IOWA.

U.S. President’s that have been aboard: President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Ronald Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden.



Guided Tour

For those that want a more personalized tour experience while visiting the Battleship IOWA, the Private Guided Tour is for you. This exclusive add-on optional tour requires all members of your group to first purchase the self-guided General Access Pass. No other groups or individuals outside of your own family group will be allowed to join you and your assigned guide to maintain the physical distancing protocols currently in place. The Private Guided Tour takes you deeper into the story of the Battleship IOWA dating back to Her initial active duty days in 1943 all the way up to IOWA’s third decommissioning in October, 1990. You will hear stories of courage and service about those that served on board this iconic ship while being escorted by a member of today’s crew that is dedicated to preserving her for future generations.

Due to the limited number of reserved Private Guided Tours available each day you must book and reserve your tour time prior to your planned arrival date.



Gun Tour

It’s time to bring out the BIG GUNS! We’ve opened one of our battleship gun turrets for guided behind-the-scenes tours… but this is not all you’ll see. We’ll take you on an epic behind-the-scenes tour that weaves through levels of the historic Navy ship never before opened to the public, down hatches, up ladders, into the lives of battleship sailors throughout history, and culminates in an awe-inspiring view of the mechanical marvel at the heart of our battleship: the 16 inch guns.

Due to the limited number of reserved Gun Tours available each day you must book and reserve your tour time prior to your planned arrival date. These tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to another date and time. You must be 10 years of age or older to take this tour.



Explore The Mothball Fleet

This adventure-game was inspired by real-life events. The challenge awaiting you was lived by our team, as they scrambled to meet a shockingly-short window of opportunity. If they had failed, USS IOWA might have been doomed to the scrapheap of history.

Now you have the chance to retrace their steps – exploring a vessel you’ve never been aboard and under pressure to find the answers you need before time runs out.

Your experience starts with a briefing, then you begin your adventure, hunting for clues through the seemingly endless maze of hundreds of ship compartments, companionways, and ladders. You have two hours to complete your tasks, otherwise IOWA might be lost forever.

Don’t worry. You’ll have members of our trained ship support staff with you, but don’t count on them to help. They’re only along for your safety (and it takes them weeks to learn the ship) – you’ll be navigating on your own!


Engineering Tour

Explore the depths of the iconic warship and see the areas below deck that keep the ship moving! The Battleship USS Iowa Engineering Guided Tour takes you and your guests behind the scenes to explore the depths of the most innovative warship during WWII. During your guided tour you will see first-hand and hear stories about the anchor windless room, an engine room, a boiler room, after-steering, and several support facilities (e.g., the oil and water testing lab). You will walk along passageways that thousands of sailors transited during both peace and wartime service. Gain exclusive access to areas that have been off-limits to the general public since the ship went into commission in 1943. Due to the confined spaces along this tour, it is limited in group size and availability.

Guests are required to wear closed-toe footwear due to ladders and grated decking. The guest must be able to negotiate the ladders that will take them up and down to these unique spaces on board. This museum tour is not recommended for children under the age of 10 or those with physical conditions that may impair their ability to negotiate the stairs or stand for prolonged periods of times.

You and your favorite group of family or friends will remember this experience for a lifetime!


Educator Package: Includes educational resources, interactive project ideas, trip organization, direct experiential opportunities to help better connect the experience with your students and complimentary chaperone ticket. Does not include student ticket.


Student Package: Includes engaging pre and post educational field trip activities, trip organization and student ticket.


Children 2 and under are free

Battleship USS Iowa

PriceFrom $27.00
  • Once you submit an order for tickets with your charter school, they will reach out to us with your request. You will be receiving your e-tickets and educational materials in an email within 1-2 days after we receive that request. Please make sure to check your email spam folder if you don't see your tickets in your inbox by that time. Submitting your order at least 7-14 days prior to your trip date is generally best unless you are trying to book a venue that requires more advanced planning. 

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