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SMUD MOSAC: Solar System & its Hidden Worlds (Grades: 6-8)

Make science exciting in MOSAC’s new UC Davis Multiverse Theater where you have the opportunity to connect learning with an immersive visual experience.

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SMUD MOSAC: Solar System & its Hidden Worlds (Grades: 6-8)
SMUD MOSAC: Solar System & its Hidden Worlds (Grades: 6-8)

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Sacramento, 400 Jibboom St, Sacramento, CA 95811, USA

About the event

Take your field trip experience to new heights by adding a UC Davis Multiverse Theater program to your plans. Your student will get a live presentation from one of the talented and entertaining Curiosity Collaborators, while also connecting with key science standards in this technically advanced dome theater.

Enjoy combined live narration with digital technologies that use six projectors to launch your students through our solar system and beyond to the constellations.

Students explore objects in our solar system and beyond in this educator-led planetarium presentation. Exploration missions to hidden worlds in our solar system are highlighted in the film, The Edge of Darkness.

  • Grades: 6–HS
  • Film: The Edge of Darkness
Course Details

Students lift off from planet Earth and head to the Sun at the center of our solar system. They learn fascinating details about the Sun and then journey far away, exploring the planets, dwarf planets, unique moons – some with oceans, others covered with volcanoes. Students visit the dwarf planet Ceres, found right in the asteroid belt, to learn about its mysterious lights. Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt objects like Comet 67P are also explored. Students view the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond, realizing that the Universe is made up of billions of galaxies.

Film: The Edge of Darkness This film features amazing scenes of places never-before seen as gathered by key space missions, which culminated in groundbreaking discoveries. It features a spectacular flight through the great cliffs on comet 67P, a close look at the fascinating bright “lights” on Ceres, and the first ever close ups of dwarf binary planet Pluto/Charon and its moons. Narrated by Hayley Atwell, Agent Carter from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the ABC television series.

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